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We are official agents for recruiting students with our partner who has more than 10 years’ experience in helping students around the world to get their education in Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, East Europe and Belarus.

In Canada and Germany and UK, the student has an opportunity to study and work and get immigration status afterwards.

We provide education acceptance in secondary colleges, language schools, diploma, bachelor and Masters degrees.

We work with licensed immigration consultants and ICCRC licensed.

For Pharmacist and physicians:

If you are a pharmacist or a medical doctor wishing to settle in Canada , we can assist you in preparing for your Canadian board exams.

1- You can now get your Canadian certification exams while you are at home, for Pharmacist you can do stage 1 & 2 at your own home country online during the process for your immigration and for stage 3 you will do it Canada.

2- Pharmacy courses:

A- Evaluation courses

B-MCQ Courses

C- OSCE courses

3- Medicine courses:

A- MCCQE Part 1 Prep Course: Do it once ,do it right

B-MCCQE Part 2/NAC-OSCE prep Course

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