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The principals and international partners of icon consulting services are comprised of legal and business professionals from around the world. With decades of experience in immigration law, investments, taxation/wealth management, business formation and other areas of expertise, our team is qualified and prepared to assist you with a vast number of individuals and companies. Competing in the global marketplace for your business, it is crucial that you choose the appropriate firm for you and your family. 

We are authorized agents for Canadian immigration consultants , who are experienced licensed professionals In Canada when It comes To immigration Including The Quebec immigrant Investor program and Canadian business immigration programs.

Our commitment to our clients

Obtaining second citizenship is an investment that must be coordinated and supervised by licensed legal professionals. Choosing the appropriate firm to assist you in this process is essential. 

Securing yours and your family, second citizenship in a trustworthy, professional and competent manner is our utmost priority. 

Our Services

Canadian Immigration Services ​​

  • Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

  • Express Entry

  •  Nine diverse investment programs to fit your needs and adjust your Canadian Immigration status. 

  • Temporary Residence

  • Visitor Visa

  • For visitors, students and workers.

  • Study Permit, Study Permit Renewal, Post-Graduation Work Permit

  • Document issued by immigration that allows a foreign national to stay in Canada for a period of time.

  • Temporary Foreign Workers

  • Intra- Company Transferees

  • Foreign businesses with a parent company, branch, subsidiary or affiliate in Canada have the option to bring key employees from overseas to Canada through the Intra-Company Transfer program.

  • Section 205- Canadian Interests: Significant Benefit

  • Only candidates that are able to prove a positive/neutral impact on Canada’s labor market are eligible.

  • Permanent Residence

  • Family Class

  • Spouse or Common Law Partner, Parent and Grandparent Family Class, Dependent Child Sponsorship

  • Express Entry

  • Eligibility to apply depending on; core human capital factors, accompanying spouse or common-law partner factors, skill transferability factors and other additional factor

  • Apply for Canadian Citizenship through a formal application to Immigration.

Other relevant immigration Areas:

  • Temporary residence

  • Visitor Visa

  • Study Permit; Study Permit Renewal; Post-Graduation Work Permit

  • Temporary Foreign Workers

  • Intra-Company Transferees

  • Permanent Residence

  • Family Class

  • Express Entry

  • Citizenship

  • Business Investment

  • Entrepreneur Start up visa

  • Ontario OINP Entrepreneur Stream (“ON-ES”).

U.S citizen Services

Passport Services

• Renew an adult’s passport
• Renew a minor’s passport
• Apply for an emergency passport
• Apply to replace a damaged, lost or stolen passport

Consular Report of Birth abroad

• Both parents were U.S. citizens PRIOR to the child’s birth.
• At least one parent of the child was a U.S. citizen PRIOR to the child’s birth.
• If only one parent is an U.S. citizen, that parent must have lived in the United States for 5 years 2 of which were after the age of 14 before the child was born.

Social Security Benefits

• Icon consulting will help you file for your social security benefits once eligible, spouse and children of the worker are also eligible if they meet certain requirements.

File your tax returns

• We will collect the required information from you and file your taxes meeting the deadline since you are required by law to report your income even if you live and work worldwide

Death of a US citizen

• Getting a death certificate for an American citizen is required, we will help submit the forms with the supporting documents in order to issue one for a relative.

Non-immigrant visas

B1/B2 visa

Visiting the U.S as a tourist or to visit family needs the issuance of B1/B2 visa from the American Embassy in Lebanon. Medical and business visas are within this category too.

student Visa

Are you going to study in the U.S? Did you receive your acceptance letter and the I-20 from the Academic institution? Icon consulting will help you file for your student Visa.

E-2 Visas

If you are a citizen of a treaty country with the U.S, you are eligible to apply for the E-2 visa which entitles you to get the nonimmigrant visa that will be issued for the investor, his spouse and children under 21 years.

Citizenship by Investment Programs.

Dominica Citizenship

An Island in the Caribbean Sea where you can buy a property in a government real estate project with $200,000 that you should keep for 5 years.  Or you can donate $100,000 cash for the main applicant to the National Development Fund or other Charity organizations approved by the government.

St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

A beautiful island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea where you have 4 options to invest in order to get citizenship.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship

The Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP) was introduced in 2013 as a way for
foreign nationals to secure citizenship in the Country in exchange for making a significant
contribution to its economy. The CIP contributes to the economy by promoting job creating
investments, encouraging tourism and real estate developments, and through direct
contributions to the Country’s National Development Fund.

Portugal Residency program

Portugal Golden Visa is a fast track for investors to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal even while residing elsewhere. It is ideal for individuals looking to obtain the freedom of work and live in Europe.   

Cost of investment:

A property purchase at the value starting from 280,000 Euros.

European Citizenship - Cyprus Citizenship

“Fast Track Scheme to Cypriot Passport for Investors in Cyprus” costs 2 million Euros 

Investment needed:

  1. A property investment at the value of minimum € 2 million (plus vat if any). Must be retained by the investors for a period of 3 years. After 3 years the Investor has the right to sell his/her property and buy another one at a minimum value of €500,000 (plus VAT if any).
  2. The investment in a selection of residential properties, where the investor can use one property as permanent residence of a minimum value of €500,000 (plus VAT if any).

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Grenada Citizenship by Investment program will allow qualified investors and their family members to apply for citizenship and benefit from facilitation of visa-free travel. 

Investment needed

1- A property purchase of a minimum investment of 350,000$ in a qualified development project.

The minimum investment value is US$ 350,000 and must be maintained for a minimum of 4 years. This investment includes the main applicant, spouse and two qualified dependents. Additional dependents will cost US$25000 per dependent.


We are official agents for recruiting students with our partner who has more than 10 years’ experience in helping students around the world to get their education in Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, East Europe and Belarus.

In Canada and Germany and UK, the student has an opportunity to study and work and get immigration status afterwards.

We provide education acceptance in secondary colleges, language schools, diploma, bachelor and Masters degrees.

We work with licensed immigration consultants and ICCRC licensed

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